YesMovies Apk Download – Detailed Guide in 2018

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In this article, we’ll share with you the instructions for downloading and installing the YesMovies APK on your Android device and Windows PC. We’ll also explore some of the best features of YesMovies app.

Watching movies is one of the best ways to pass our free time. Movie buffs regularly search for the new sources to stream movies online.

About 55% of the internet users surf for videos on different platforms and about 25-30% of the people download them. If you’re looking to download your favorite Hindi, English or any other regional¬† movie then there is no better place than to go to YesMovies Apk.

If you’re looking to download videos from YouTube,Daily Motion or Facebook then you can download Vidmate.

There are thousands of apps and websites which allow you to stream movies and some of them even offer HD quality content.YesMovies Apk

But, most of them have limitations which are annoying for the movie lovers. Firstly, they do not give you unlimited access without paying a monthly subscription fee.

It would be difficult for the students and for the families who are living on pay check to pay check to pay those monthly fees. Here’s where YesMovies APK comes into the picture!

YesMovies is probably the ideal application for watching the movies without paying a dime. There are no limitations which means that you can watch any movie from their huge catalogue.

Introduction on YesMovies

YesMovies APK is a video streaming application which allows you to stream numerous movies, TV shows, HD videos for free.

You can also download your favourite TV shows or movies and watch it offline whenever you are free. Their catalogue is vast and it’s extremely easy to find the movies of all genres.

‘As per a recent report on their official website YesMovies App has been downloaded about 50,000 times in the last month (October’18)’. The rate at which YesMovies Apk is growing is also insane and is reported a growth of 7-8%¬† in terms of new downloads and users on the application.

IMDB support is integrated into the application which will show you the ratings and reviews of the TV shows and movies.

It is a light-weight application and has got a huge collection of video content which is the reason why it’s one of the favorite applications of movie lovers.

Note : If you want to download any song/movie that is easily available in the internet, then you can download it via Vidmate .

Best Features Of YesMovies

User Interface :YesMovies Apk

Though there are tons of Android apps which gives you access to movie streaming, most of them do not have a proper user interface.

Coming to YesMovies, the interface is simple and intuitive. The material design on the app makes it easy for the user to navigate and search for the movies or the TV shows.

CatalogueYesMovies Apk

The catalogue includes movies from wide-range of genres. No matter whether you are searching for a horror or thriller or action movie or a documentary for education purposes, there is a good chance that you may find the movie on YesMovies.

The content on the application gets updated every week. It means that new movies and TV shows are added at regular intervals.

FreeYesMovies Apk

You need not pay a single penny to watch movies on the YesMoves app. The best part is the registration or signing up is not mandatory.

You can straight-away start watching movies instantly after installing the application.

Offline Mode

You can download the movies and save it in the internal memory of your device. You can watch them in your free time even when there is no internet connectivity.

Note:  The application is rated and downloaded by about a million users on official PlayStore and App Store but if you are looking to bypass the paid subscription then we would recommend you to download YesMovies Apk.

How to Download YesMovies APK?

Please note that you cannot directly download the YesMovies application from Google Play Store. You need to download the APK file from the third-party sources and install it on your Android device.

As YesMovies is not in compliance with terms and conditions of Google, it is not listed on the Play Store. Anyways, you can use our guide to download and install the YesMovies APK on your phone.

You can download it from the software link given above or any reputed websites like Softonic or Uptowm. Avoid downloading the APK files from the new or unknown sources to avoid virus and malware attacks.

How to install YesMovies APK on your Windows PC?

YesMovies Apk

As you have downloaded the YesMovies application file from the third-party sources (anything other than Google Play Store), you need to do few settings to be able to install on the Android Operating System. Follow the instructions below to change the security settings on your Android device.

Step 1: Go to Settings and then to Security.YesMovies Apk Download

Step 2: Choose Unknown Sources or put a tick mark on Unknown Sources.YesMovies Apk Download

If you do not do these settings, you’ll get a warning message like installing the applications downloaded from the unknown sources may damage the Android device.

Close the Settings. Now, you’re all set to install the YesMovies APK on your Android device.

Step 1: Go to Downloads folder from the File Manager or to any folder where you have downloaded the YesMovies file.

Step 2: Tap on the APK file and installation process begins.

Step 3: Let the installation process complete. It usually takes less than a minute.

That’s all! You’ve successfully installed YesMovies APK on your Android Device. It’s actually an easy process if you follow the steps in order.

Go to the settings on YesMovies app and customize it according to your requirements.

YesMovies Apk

Second Way To Download YesMovies Apk on Windows PC –

Wouldn’t it be fun if you access the YesMovies app from the Windows PC?

You can watch all the movies and TV shows on your monitor screen. Installing the YesMovies application on Windows PC is pretty easy.

You need to use an Android emulator to be able to access the app on a Windows computer.

Android Emulator is a piece of software which helps the developers to check their applications on the computers. There are dozens of Android emulators on the internet which you can download it for free.

BlueStacks emulator is considered as a seamless one by many Android developers. Let’s instal BlueStacks on Windows PC to access YesMovies application.

Step 1: Go to BlueStacks official website from your browser on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Download the appropriate version of the BlueStacks software which suits your Windows OS version. Install it.

Step 3: Once the BlueStacks is installed, open it and go to Settings -> Security. Enable the Unknown Sources.

Step 4: Download the YesMovies APK file from the internet browser on BlueStacks Emulator. It’s always better to download the latest version of the APK file.

Step 5: Install it on the emulator and click on it to open it.

Now, you can access YesMovies APK on your Windows PC. Have fun watching your favourite movies on your computer!

Wrapping up…

YesMovies is a wonderful application for the movie buffs. Even the rare movies and old TV shows are easily found on the YesMovies app.

It works like a charm on all the recent versions of the Android OS. Thankfully, the developers are passionate enough and they update the app and database regularly.

We hope our guide has helped you to download and install this awesome movies application on your Android device and Windows PC. Check out our other posts as we have already posted some really cool APK guides for Android enthusiasts.






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