Top 12 Most Trending Android APKs – Download Vidmate Apk for 2018

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This article will purposefully talking about Apk’s  whose application will not be available on PlayStore. We would only list 12 but there are hundred’s of such Apk’s and Vidmate Apk is the highest rated/most downloaded apk in the whole list

Google Play Store is a powerhouse of millions of applications and some of them make our life easy. But there is an alternate app market or store where we can download some amazing applications. They are called APKs. APK is the file extension for the Android app. The apps which are not listed in the Google Play Store are downloaded in APK format and installed.

Google Play Store will not approve the apps which are not in sync with their terms and conditions. Android nerds would love to use their smartphones to full potential.

APKs unleashes the true potential of the Android OS as they break the rules and explore the new grounds.

As we have mentioned 12 of the best APK’s that one can download on android, we would like to give a special mention to Copy My Data Apk, Creative Destruction Apk,and Smashit Kahoot.

There are tons of APKs which are available for free download. It’s a bit difficult to find the information about their features and purpose. We’ve rounded up the best 10 Android APKs for 2018. You might know some of them, but we are sure that we’ll introduce you to at least a couple of new Android APKs. Let’s jump right in.

Top 12 Android APKs for 2018


1.  Videoder APK

There are tons of apps for downloading videos from YouTube. But there are very few apps which are reliable and functional. Videoder is one of those few apps which works all the time.

Features –

  1. You can download all your favourite videos from YouTube using Videoder.
  2. Videoder APK also displays different kinds of formats in which may want to download the video.
  3. It also includes the MP3 format in case you just need the audio. You download the videos in 1080p and 720p which. Videoder is in beta at the moment and so it may crash sometimes.

2. Vidmate APK


Are you the one who relies on your smartphone for entertainment purposes? Do you want to have access to tons of latest songs and videos without paying a single penny? Vidmate Apk allows you to download all the latest movies and music for free!

Features –

  1. You can download videos from the social media platforms and video websites.
  2. Vidmate Apk makes the optimal use of your internet speed whether it is mobile data or Wi-Fi 
  3. The cool thing about Vidmate is it allows you download videos in high definition. It also gives you the access to live TV channels.
  4. You can watch over 100 TV channels of all categories like Fashion, Movie, Music, News, Entertainment, Sport etc.


3. NewsPipe APK

YouTube is a wonderful app and there is no doubt about it. One thing that keeps annoying us is we cannot use our phone to do any other task other than watching the video on YouTube. So, we cannot use YouTube for playing podcasts and songs when we are taking a note or chatting. NewPipe allows you to play YouTube videos with the screen off. If you want to download these videos then you can download via Vidmate Apk as stated above.

Features –

  1. You can also work on the other tasks on your Android phone while you are playing a YouTube video.
  2. There are some downsides to NewPipe APK though like you’ll not see your subscriptions and recommendations as you with cannot sign in to your YouTube account.
  3. It also does not support 1080p playback. But if you are interested in listening to a podcast or music it works perfectly.

4. BlackMart Alpha APK

This APK is not popular as of now but may soon catch the attention of Android geeks out there. Because it allows you to download some of the awesome paid Android apps for free!

Features –

  1. You need not pay a single penny to download all your favourite premium Android apps.
  2. BlackMart Alpha lets you download the APK files and not the installed files.


5. Transdroid APK

This is for all the guys who are interested in torrenting. If you are looking out for an app which can manage the torrents remotely then you must download Transdroid APK for sure. If you are looking to download movies, podcasts, and other video content without worrying too much about the torrenting process than you can do it via Vidmate Apk.

Features –

  1. It also supports the seedboxes and home servers.
  2. It supports the giant torrent clients like Vize, uTorrent, Deluge and many more.
  3. Transdrone is the official version of this app which is available on Google Play Store but if you want to access the full version which allows you to do a torrent search and manage them you have to download Transdroid APK.

Note –

Laws are pretty strict against the torrents in most of the countries. Be careful while you downloading copyrighted stuff from torrents.

6. UKTVNow Apk

Android Apk in 2018

UKTVNow APK is the most reliable application for watching live TV. Live TV applications tend to work wonderfully and abruptly they stop working! Most of the live TV apps out there are not reliable and they’ll break whenever we need them most. If you are searching for a reliable live TV application for your Android phone, stop the search and download UKTVNow application.

Features :

  1. You can watch TV channels from all the countries like the United Kingdom, USA, Spain, India,  many etc.
  2. It’s a powerhouse of more than 150 channels which belongs to lifestyle, news, music, and many more categories.
  3. You don’t need to register on UKTVNow as you can just start watching the live TV i after installing the app on your phone.
  4. There are no frustrating advertisements and most of the videos are of high quality. 


7. TubeMate APK

TubeMate is popular among the Android nerds. TubeMate provides the best interface to download the videos from YouTube. Basically, Vidmate Apk and TubeMate are two fierce competitors but Vidmate Apk wins the battle and we would say that both the apps have similar feature along with easy to use interface.

Features –

  1. You can also extract the MP3s of your favourite music tracks.
  2. TubeMate is not listed on Google Play Store as it is against YouTube terms and conditions to download videos from it.
  3. TubeMate is one of the highly downloaded apps and it is considered as a safe application.


8. Humble Bundle APK

Are you the gamer who is out of money to buy your favourite games? Just download Humble Bundle APK to download the games for minimal fees.

Features –

  1. Humble Bundle, as the name suggests allows you to download a bundle of top-end games and accepts anything you pay.
  2. If you have got only 1 dollar, just pay 1 dollar and download the bundle which has got dozens of games.
  3. The best part is the money you pay will be divided between website management, application developers and charities.


9. Lucky Patcher APK


Lucky Patcher is already popular among the Android nerds. It is an efficient ad blocker. It’s probably the best app for Android when it comes to removing the ads from applications. Using the combination of Vidmate Apk and Lucky Patcher Apk can help you download games, videos, and other application for absolutely free.

Features –

  1. Lucky Patcher is not just about ad blocking, it also helps to patch the apps.
  2. It removes the license verification prompt which in turn helps to access the premium applications without purchasing any licenses.
  3. It also helps in modifying APKs. There are tons of features in Lucky Patcher APK. You must download it and try it to know it’s true potential.


10. VideoMix APK

Are you the person who loves to stream movies and TV shows on your mobile phone? VideoMix is an excellent application which acts as one-stop resource for all your entertainment needs. Well, we know a app that isn’t that tec savy and allows you to download any type of movie or video content fetched from any source for free, and if you’ve stiil not got the idea then its Vidmate Apk.

Features –

  1. It’s like a directory of all the movies and TV shows.
  2. All the media content is well organized and it’s super easy to search your favourite TV show episode on VideoMix.
  3. Just tap on the movie or TV show and you’ll get a list of sources from which you can stream it.
  4. It also shows you the information about that particular movie from IMDB.
  5. With VideoMix in your Android phone, you need not spend hours searching for the sources to watch the movies or TV shows.


11. Freedom APK

If you are interested in getting high scores in the games without any efforts to get a grasp on the game, you must check out Freedom APK application.

Features –

  1. It’s one of the game hacker apps for the Android platform.
  2. Freedom APK helps you to hack a wide range of games and apps.
  3. For example, you can bypass in-app purchases to unlock the premium features of the apps and games.
  4. It means that you need not pay a dime to download premium applications.

12. AdAway APK

Mobile applications make money from advertisements and in-app purchases. But as the users, we get frustrated with the pointless ads as they disturb our game or anything which we are doing on the application. Almost all the free applications on the Google Play Store have the advertisements. If you are looking to avoid ads and download Videos then you should try downloading it via Vidmate Apk.

They pop up frequently and sometimes we may click them by mistake. AdAway, as in the name keeps your apps away from the ads.  You can also allow ads from some ad networks if you are interested in them. It works on most of the applications and by far it is the best ad blocker for the Android.

Wrapping up…

Android fanatics love to explore new APKs. APKs are exciting as they always crack the impossible things. Right from blocking the ads to hacking the game, APKs are super good at all of them. At the end, all of it is only possible for us to give a kudo to Vidmate Apk as they are a leader in the apk market and also relatively unbeatable!

There are hundreds  of APKs available for download on APK websites like and You have to be little cautious while you are installing the APKs on your Android phone. Always make sure that you download the APKs from popular websites and avoid the new or unknown websites. APKs are usually the targetted to spread viruses and malware.

We hope our list of top 10 APKs for 2018 has introduced you to some new exciting APKs. Let us know if you have any troubles to download or install any of the APKs on this list. Keep watching this space as we are going to post wonderful Android APKs. We have already posted installation guides for some of the popular APKs.


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