How to Download and Install UKTVNow APK on your Android Device?

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How to Download and Install UKTVNow APK on your Android Device?

Smartphones are wonderful devices in our hands. It is applications that empower the smartphones to make them do various things. In this guide, we are going to explore the features and installation process of one of the most incredible apps – UKTVNow. As in the name, UKTVNow is an application which allows you to access TV on your smartphone. There are dozens of TV apps out there, but one few are reliable.

UKTVNow APK is one of those stable and reliable apps which you can access anytime to watch live TV. You can watch live TV shows, live sports, documentaries or anything which telecasts on the TV. So, you need not worry about missing the evening news when you are not in front of the TV.

You’ll never ever miss the episode of your favourite TV show. UKTVNow brings TV to your hand. It has got tons of TV channels from all around the globe. You can even access exclusive channels like Canal+, AMC, HBO etc with the help of UKTVNow APK. Let’s explore some of the best features in UKTVNow app. We’ve also included the download and installation guide in this post. Let’s jump in without wasting any time.

Best Features of UKTVNow APK

Uninterrupted Live TV

LiveTV on a smartphone is always great. You need not hook on to your TV at home if you can watch it while you are on the go. UKTVNow has thousands of TV channels in various categories like lifestyle, cartoons, news, movies, entertainment etc. You can access TV channels all across the globe and the best part is most of the stream at the best quality.


Customization is very important for the mobile applications. The video player in UKTVNow can be adjusted as per your liking. There is also an option to save your favourite TV channels. So, you need not search for the TV channel again and again. You’ll get video suggestions based on your favourite TV channels.

User-friendly Interface

Though UKTVNow APK is a powerhouse of thousands of TV channels from over 10 countries, the app is clutter-free. UKTVNow is probably the app with best user-interface amongst all the TV apps. It is super simple and you don’t get confused even when you are using the app for the first time. All the content is well organized and the search function works great!

Multiple Streams

The problem with most of the live TV streaming apps is that the links don’t work. You don’t get the stream when you need it the most. UKTVNow provides multiple links for all the channels. One or the other link works and you don’t miss live TV.


Almost all the channels are available in high-definition. The speed at which the live TV buffers on UKTVNow app is incredible!

No Signups!

You need not register or signup to start streaming the live TV. Just download and install the app and you are good to go!

How to Download and Install UKTVNow APK on your Android Device?

Now, let’s dive into the important section of this guide. We’ve seen all the incredible features of UKTVNow app and it’s time to see how to download and install it on your Android device. Generally, it is easy to download and install an app on the Android devices from Google Play Store. But, UKTVNow is not available on the Play Store. However, it does not mean that you cannot download this app on your Android device. You can download UKTVNow APK from the third-party websites and install it according to our instructions below.

You need to be little careful while you are downloading and installing the APKs from third-party websites. We suggest you download the UKTVNow APK from the reputed websites.

You can also download  TVTAP for Android as it is the best alternative to the application named UKTVNow Apk.

Here are the instructions to install UKTVNow APK on your Android device.

Security Settings


As UKTVNow is not directly downloaded from Google Play Store, you need to change some settings on your phone to make Android OS allow installing the third-party applications.


Step 1: Navigate to Settings (tap on the “Gear” icon in the notification panel) -> Security.UKTVNOW Apk Download


Step 2: Scroll down and you’ll see an entry called “Unknown Sources“. You can read the subtext there. It is a setting to allow the app installations from sources other than Play Store. Tap on it to  Enable it.

UKTVNOW Apk Download


Step 3: Tap OK on the prompt. The prompt says that Google isn’t responsible for the third-party installations.

Installation Instructions

Now that your security settings are done, you can proceed to install the UKTVNow APK that you’ve downloaded.

Step 1: Go to the File Manager where you have downloaded the UKTVNow APK file.

Step 2: Tap on UKTVNow APK icon to install it on your Android device. Let the installation process complete.

Step 3: Once the installation is completed, open the UKTVNow app from your home screen. That’s it. you can start streaming live TV  on UKTVNow app without any registrations or signups as mentioned above.

UKTVNOW Apk Download

Wrapping up…


UKTVNow is an incredible live TV streaming application. It is not like all other live TV apps which mess up your phone with crappy advertisements and all. UKTVNow is a super simple app with a dozen ultimate features. You need not even compromise on the quality just because you are watching live TV on the mobile phone. The high-quality live streaming will never disappoint you. The most recent version of UKTVNow is 8.16. The size of the app is around 27MB. The new update has improved the video streaming and audio quality. The app interface is much more smooth and user-friendly. UKTVNow has got a great developer team who release the updates and bug fixes regularly. They keep on improving the app. Overall, with TV channels from over 10 countries and 9 different categories, UKTVNow is definitely one of the top-notch live TV streaming apps for Android. We hope that our comprehensive guide on UKTVNow has made it easy for you to install it on your Android device.


















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