Smashit Kahoot – How To Download Kahoot Smasher Apk in 2018?

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What is Kahoot Smasher ?

Smashit Kahoot is an amazing education platform used by millions of players throughout the world. An easy to use learning platform that is supported by any device enhancing the interactivity of the classroom.

  1. The intention of this game is to promote learning purpose by solving different games.
  2. In learning games, there will be a task to answer multiple choice questions that allow user generated and can be accessed through either App or via Web Browser.

Whether you be a teacher of a student, you can easily explore Kahoot.

Smashit KahootIt encourages both teacher and educators to ask great questions.

There are many schools and colleges widely accept Kahoot for testing the knowledge of Students.

Congratulations, Smashit Kahoot is now home to more than a million users and has been rated 4.0 on the official Play Store. The reviews of people using the apk version of the application are great as well, and that can be seen via comments of users on different publications online.

What is The Purpose of Smashit Kahoot ?


  1. Smashit Kahoot Tool purpose is to generate Bots for a particular game.
  2. It is a handy tool that is built for Kahoot users that want to use the platform beyond its traditional way.
  3. Kahoot Smasher tool allows you to create multiple players, which are actually a bot, to play a prank and amaze your teacher.
  4. This tool provides effective yet smart results for generating bots. 
  5. You can enter bots in Kahoot by the flexibility of adjusting the number of bots along with their name.

The primary purpose of Kahoot Smasher Apk is to disrupt educational activities in your classroom.

Smashit Kahoot

It allows you to create a possible and randomized name that will randomly answer the question, in order to gain the popularity of leaderboard. You can consider it as sort of malicious activity.

However, it is available on Chrome Extension and APK format.

Note : This app is sponsored by Fallout Shelter Mod Team.


Why download and install Kahoot Smasher APK?

  •    It gives the best user experience and ideal smasher app.
  •    You can hack faster and in an easier way.Smashit Kahoot
  •    Supports high-quality graphics in an app.
  •    Explanation given step by step
  •    Easy so even kids can use and enjoy it, thanks to its simple interface.
  •    It is free with no hidden charges.
  •    You would be able to smash a better amount of bots. .

And many more options.


How to add Chrome Extension Kahoot Smasher?

  •    Launch the Google Chrome Browser. Visit the official website of Kahoot.
  •    Log in to the account by adding info.
  •    Visit Chrome Webstore page Smashit Kahoot
  •    On the left side of Search option, Enter Kahoot and hit the Search button.
  •    You would be able to open Kahoot Smasher Extension main page.
  •    At the upper right corner, there would be an option of Add to Chrome Browser Option. Click on it.
  •    The Browser will check for compatibility of your device and the extension would be downloaded.
  •    Click on the extension icon appear on the upper right corner and select Smash it Option.
  •    A new page will be open and prompt to enter PIN of the game. Enter the PIN and app is ready to use.

This tool works smartly and gives you best experience of spamming to amaze the people around. It will help you to skip classes, be a quiz champion, and make your time while reading even more worthwhile.

As soon as you hit Enter Button, there would be hundreds of bots ready to join the game.Smashit Kahoot


How to Install Kahoot Smasher Apk?

STEP 1 :

  •    You need to download Smashit Kahoot  Apk from its original page. It is not available       on Play Store.
  •    You would Find ‘Download APK’ option available in the middle of the page. Click on it       and start downloading it.
  •    Meanwhile, the file is downloading, you have to make small changes.
  •    Go to the setting page of the device.
  •    Click on the security option given
  •    Check the Unknown sources box and allow the app to be used. By following Settings 
  •    -> Apps -> Unknown Sources.
  •    Confirm OK


You can either visit and find the original source to download the application, to do rhat

  1. Go to any trusted third party site
  2. Click on Download/Inspect The Source
  3. Copy and Paste the source.
  4. If the source is Mediafire ( Most Likely) then go to and type the app’s name!
  5. Now, you will have an option to download the application.
  6. Click on Download and There you Go!

So, that was it from us on how to download the application and we have tried our best to give you certain methods that work and are safe for downloading purpose.

Accessing Downloads

  •    Open My Files -> Downloads on your device.
  •    Click on APK file you have downloaded from the site.
  •    Click on Install option. 

Note :

Downloading the apk tool on your phone may make your phone illegal and out of warranty. Even the usage of Smashit Kahoot tool extensively can affect your way of studying and may put you behind the bars. We recommend you to limit the use of the tool so that it doesn’t put you behind the bars or make a bad impression of you!

Wrapping Up –

Kahoot Smasher extension or APK is provided for revision aid version, there is no intention of disturbing or fooling the learning of student in any way. However, students often misuse it by creating bots and attain top in leaderboards.

Kahoot Smasher Apk is free but only works when the original Kahoot app is downloaded. With interactive and high-quality graphics it makes it enjoyable for kids. The User Interface is kids friendly and easy to use. With its updated version you would be able to experience speedy work.


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