Kahoot Hack : Best Ways To Hack The Education Based Game in 2019

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Kahoot is all about games that make learning fun and easy. It is an incredible game-based learning platform which reviews the students’ knowledge on the subject in a quiz form. Kahoot hack is kind of a school mischief. Some students use Kahoot hack to mess up the Kahoot platform so that the teacher would have no other option than to cancel the test review.

It can be accessed via an internet browser and students need to answer the multiple-choice quizzes. Many schools and educational institutions around the world have been using Kahoot platform to review the students’ understanding.  The article will talk about Kahoot game, features of kahoot game, how to hack the game ,tips and tricks of kahoot hack

Smashit Kahoot also allows users to create quiz games which can be answered by the other users. You can also choose a game format to test the knowledge of the user. You need to sign up to the Kahoot platform to be able to create quizzes or explore the other games. Hack Kahoot 2019

With Kahoot hack, you can spam the Kahoot platform with tons of both accounts within a few minutes. It screws up the platform and even the students are who are attempting the test seriously would not be able to participate anymore. The best part is it is impossible to track the student who had done this mischief. Bots are not the only way to hack Kahoot. There are many other hacks and cheats for Kahoot.

It is actually very easy to hack Kahoots. In this article, we are going to explore the ways to hack Kahoot that would rank you number one on the leader board.

How to hack Kahoot?

If you are new to Kahoot, it is recommended to explore the Kahoot platform for some time. Sign up for Kahoot and casually play the quizzes till you get an idea on the interface.

Kahoot is all about games, quizzes and codes. When you create a Kahoot account, it starts a Kahoot session. Kahoot session gives a unique code which the users use to engage or access your session. So, they need to know the unique code to play the game created by you. Now, let’s explore some exciting ways to hack Kahoot.

Kahoot Hack #1

Here’s the Way to Spam flood the Kahoot Game.

Instructions for Hacking Kahoot.

Step 1: Decide the game you want to hack. Copy the unique code of that Kahoot game.

Step 2: There are a few websites which help you to hack Kahoot games. You can use KahootSpam.com

Step 3: Paste the Kahoot Game PIN code in the box. Enter your nickname and number of bots you need to spam the Kahoot game.

Step 4: Check the box confirming that you are a human being and not a robot.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the website. Click on the Flood button.

Step 6: Go to the Kahoot game and you’ll see tons of bots entered into it. Wait a minute and start the game. Bots respond to all the questions in the Kahoot game.

Well, this is not exactly a hack. It is the way of spamming a Kahoot game. It is the most common Kahoot hack trick the students use during their school quizzes. Remember that bots cannot be stopped or reversed. They’ll be there as long as the game is live.

Kahoot Hack #2

Hack for Answers All the Questions Correctly on Kahoot?

Aren’t you bored of seeing that same student getting best score every time? This hack allows you to beat everyone and make you the quiz master in your school.

This trick works directly from the web browser. So, you can use it on Windows OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android or any other OS with an internet browser.

Here’re the instructions for Kahoot answers hack.

Step 1: Go to GetKahoot.com and create a Kahoot account. Make sure that you use any other email than the Gmail or Google account.

Step 2: Go to Kahoot.Ninja. You’ll see a form there. Enter the Game PIN and Name. Enter your Kahoot account username and password in the form. Click on the Initiate the Hack button. Press the button “Answer the current question correctly” till you complete all the questions. It just inputs the right answer for every question.Download Kahoot

As you see, it’s really very simple to hack the Kahoot. You can be the top scorer with this simple hack. You need to create a Kahoot account from GetKahoot.com for this hack to work as it uses the Kahoot login details to access the Kahoot database to fetch the right answers.

How to find Kahoot Game PIN?

You need a Game PIN to hack the Kahoot. Game PINs are unique codes which are generated once the Kahoot is launched.  Learners use the code to join the Kahoot. Only the Kahoot creators the Game PIN. So, you must see their screen when they’re launching the Kahoot to be able to see the Game PIN.ka

Are There Any Other Kahoot Cheats?

There are no other Kahoot cheats. Do not waste your time reading all the crappy content on the websites. They just put an attractive title to make you visit their website. Actually, there no Kahoot cheat codes are available on the internet.

Wrapping up…

Kahoot is a powerful platform which brings great interactions to the classroom. It gives an opportunity to learn more in a rather funny manner. Kahoots can also be used as the breaks from traditional classroom learning. Students love to do Kahoots because of the competitive nature of the games.

These hacks are just meant for prank purposes. Students can use these hacks to prank their friends once or twice. It is not recommended for the students to use them during the review tests. The teachers spend hours creating the quizzes on Kahoot platform. Spamming the Kahoots with bots would make the quiz pointless.

We hope you’ve learned a few exciting Kahoot hacks from this article. Keep visiting our blog as we post some more hacks and cheats in our upcoming articles. If you know any Kahoot cheat codes or tricks which we have missed in this article, please let us know via comments section.

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