How to Download Panda Helper ? A Detailed Guide in 2018-19

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Panda helper is a third party application which is used mainly for the iOS devices . In iOS devices most of the versions of the panda helper runs smoothly and preferably . We will be talking about the Panda Helper application, features of Panda Helper, and the process to download Panda Helper.

It provides the customer with a jolly platform of entertainment and other utilities that attracts them . It provides the user with the various third party games , apps , tweaks , free games . Moreover it also provides with the profound version of modified games of upgraded version of the app store . It can also be called as an alternative to the app store. Even the most advantageous matter is the user doesn’t need to jailbreak the device to download Panda Helper for free  in your mobile .

Apart from providing the users a great downloading experience it all provides them with the most amazing version of the modified apps and many games where there one will find unlimited lives, gold, coins, money . Panda helper is very entertaining to use and with a huge quantity of tweaked apps it has grown very popular .

The Panda helper app two version among which one is regular panda helper and the other is panda helper VIP . Panda helper can also be used in android as well as PC along with the iOS devices. The users always find the free downloading apps .

And the panda helper provides the users with such free downloading apps and meet their demands. There are many apps available in the panda helper  which the user will not get in the Google play store . In panda helper even the paid apps are obtained in free of cost . Due to such advantageous features and apps the user is attracted towards this panda helper .Download Panda Helper

Features of the Panda Helper

  • In just 10kb it is the first tweak app to come .
  • It can be used in android as well as PC along with the iOS device.
  • Download Panda Helper app that has the best UI and even runs in the slowest network connection.
  • Panda helper is one of the best alternative appstore for the modified games , tweaked apps , and free and upgraded games .
  • Panda helper is very modified as it updates itself weekly on bugs and it is quite active on the forum.
  • The exciting part of panda helper is that it allows the users to play the paid games in free by tweaking them .
  • Panda helper provides the user with more than 1000 apps .
  • It is one of the stable place to download without the jailbreak of the device.
  • Panda helper is virus free thus truly helpful for the users .

About Panda Helper

Panda helper was invented after the cydia tweaked has been descended . That was the time when the people were searching for the alternative  , then many apps arrived among them panda helper is one . It allowed the users to download the paid apps in free. It is thus very advantageous to use with various features  and enhances the customer satisfaction to use panda helper . 

Steps required to download Panda Helper for iOS

  • The user first needs to go to the panda helper official site for the link of the app .
  • Now the file can be downloaded from here .
  • After this the user needs to go to the settings of the iOS device then allow untrustworthy downloads to get install .
  • Once this is done the user needs to open the ipa file and then click on the install button .
  • Then the user needs to read and tick all the terms and conditions applied as per the convenience .
  • Once this is done the user have to open the app and it’s ready for the user to use and enjoy the free paid apps .

Steps to Install the Panda Helper App

  1. The user needs to search the panda helper ipa file .
  2. A file explorer app can also be used to explore the folder .
  3. The files which are downloaded from the web are usually found in the ipa folder for downloads .
  4. For the process of installation to start over tap to the ipa file.
  5. On confirming the action and pressing the install button the process of installation will start .


Panda helper is the popular app in the field of android and iOS device. Also consists of the various apps that are normally not found in the Google play store thus the demand increases for the panda helper in specially the iOS devices. It’s extravagant gaming provisions , upgraded version of apps and a various provided features . With such a huge number of apps , and specifically free usage of the paid application , it has reached at its height . You can download Panda Helper through the process stated above in the article.

The app has a hold over the market . It provides the user with an entertaining platform that is enjoyable and the exciting part about the games also excited all . It is also a safe place to download apps without jailbreaking the iOS devices . With such and such advantages it has grown to its height along with proper customer satisfaction.

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