How to Download Creative Destruction Mod Apk 2018 ?

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The article will be talking about One such action war-strategy game trending across the video game industry is Creative Destruction Mod Apk.

Video games featuring battles that real-time strategies have gained massive popularity in the gaming community and are enjoyed by gamers of all kinds across the world.

The game can be played across all gaming consoles supporting HD graphics. As we move ahead, we will talking in depth about Creative Destruction – The Game.


What is Creative Destruction Mod Apk?

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

Creative Destruction Mod Apk is an android game file hosting the game Creative Destruction. The game allows you to play against enemies and use different weapons to kill them. A user can also form teams, use parachutes/planes to counter their enemies, and do so much more.

It is a modded version of the original application called Creative Destruction which is available on PlayStore for free. There are about 100k users in the game and is rapidly growing in terms of popularity every day!


Things To Know About Creative Destruction Mod Apk

  1. Creative Destruction Mod Apk is an action-packed game comprising of various characters for a player to choose from!
  2. They are then dropped through parachutes one by one on the 13 islands across 4×4 km map where they have to fight many ferocious battles with the other  players one on one.
  3. Players  can also form teams to survive snowstorms, bullets, and death. Each players need to get through all the levels, to get to the 100th level.
  4. The game play included in Creative Destruction mod apk features a vast array of weapons
  5. It also has other materials  like machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols etc to help the players fight out the battles,blow away the buildings, build structures and defend Themselves.


Features of Creative Destruction Mod Apk

1) Fun and Entertaining

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

The game is too much addictive and fun to play where you keep on going destroying to win the battle against enemies before the clock ticks to avoid sandstorm and death.

If you ever get bored and are looking for more entertainment then what better than downloading videos in highest quality and watching it offline without any distraction via Vidmate Apk.

2) Operation ModeCreative Destruction Mod Apk

Creative Destruction Mod Apk houses a workshop feature that allows the user to destroy battlefields and even unlock two game modes TPS and FPS mode to shoot the enemies. Another interesting collection from the workshop is the #GCoke propeller that helps fly to the battlefields.

3) Avatar Creation

 Creative Destruction Mod Apk The game follows very simple steps from creating your own avatars and all of them come in various attractive animated shapes and forms rather than the typical soldier one.

4) Graphics

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

The game features high quality animated graphics.

5) Easy Storage

The game consumes only 81 MB space and can be played easily across all platforms. Though the file consumes a heavy part of your phone’s storage, it is not the case if you download the apk version of the original application.

6) Own Strategies

Unlike the other action-packed games where you need to play understanding the gaming strategy, here ( Creative Destruction Mod Apk) you can use your own like creating new constructions as a hiding spot from the enemies, building tall ladders, and even selling the old properties for the new ones.

7) Sandclock Timer Game

The game features a Sandclock against which you need to fight the enemies and destroy the battlegrounds before the clock ticks to survive each level and prevent bullets from enemies. In this way, at each level, you need to save your life till the 100th time across 13 different islands to win the battle.


How to Download Creative Destruction Mod Apk for Android

Creative Destruction Mod Apk can be downloaded for various platforms like Android, Windows, and Mac.

For Android

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

  1. You can get the application from Google Play Store or download the apk file from te below link :
  2. The Mod Apk files are free to download and help you earn a large number of gold coins in the game.
  3. If you are downloading from the Play Store, the direct installation will be followed else if you are downloading from an external source, make sure to turn on the unknown sources in your android device from the settings.
  4. After downloading the apk from the external source, click on install to copy the folder to SD/Android/obb.
  5. Now you are free to open the game and enjoy playing it.

For Windows 7/8/10

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

Creative Destruction Mod Apk file can be downloaded on a Windows environment using an Android Emulator. You can use the Bluestack3 emulator.

The reason being Bluestack3 is user-friendly by nature, with community chat forums, and extremely fast gaming engine that gives you a smooth, lively experience to play on Windows and Mac OS.

  1. First, download the apk file forBluestacksusing Google and then install it.
  2. You need to sign in with your Google account or any other external account to start using Bluestack Emulator.
  3. Then you need to go to the Google Play store icon in the System Apps Folder and download from there, Creative Destruction Mod Apk file.
  4. That’s it; you are all set to play Creative Destructor now on your PC.

You need to remember one thing while playing on the PC is about the CPUs. The game can be played in two powerful CPUs which are supported in the Android environment whereas the game can be played with 1 powerful CPU on PC leading to  a smooth experience.

For Mac

The procedure which you have followed for downloading Creative Destruction Mod APK in Windows 7/8/10 is the same for MAC too. The only difference here is the Bluestack emulator is to be downloaded in the .dmg file instead of the .exe file. The other steps are all similar.


Creative Destruction is one of the hottest multiplayer games trending in the market and its Mod apk files allow you to collect huge cash and gold coins in the game making the battles more interesting.

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