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We often face issues while transferring data content from one device to other as it becomes a lengthy procedure where we have to transfer the data to the computer first and then to the other device. But now, with the help of Copy My Data apk, we can do it easily.


What is Copy My Data APK?

Copy My Data Apk is the fastest and most convenient application developed by media Mushrooms that enables the users to clone their phone data into another device over a shared wifi network.

It helps in replicating calendar data, photos, videos, contacts and other files to another device provided they are using the same wifi and both have Copy My Data application installed.

A user can copy any kind of data even from android to IOS in seconds through Copy My Data Apk. The application is available on both the Play Stores and for a free premium version of the same,you can download the cracked version of the original application called Copy My Data.

The application is available for both Android and IOS Devices in Google Play Store and App store.

Android: Copy My Data Apk



Copy My Data Apk


Features of Copy My Data APK

Copy My Data is an easy to use application that lets you copy your phone contents in a few simple steps to another device. It has the following features:-

  •  Less Time Consuming

You don’t need any external device or computer as a mediator to copy your contents in another device.

You just need to make sure that Copy My Data application is downloaded and installed in your own device and the targeted one with a common wifi connection to be shared between the source and targeted device.

Copy My Data Apk

  • Easy Connectivity

The application is so user-friendly that it eliminates all your hard work and helps you locate other devices using Copy My Data application providing easy connectivity source.

Copy My Data Apk

  •  Simple Procedure

You don’t need to complicate things up by thinking where you will store your data in the new device or how to find it. Just tap open the app, select Next and the target destination to transfer all your data easily in few steps. You will be displayed with the record clearly how much data has transferred for each section like Photos, Contacts, Videos, and Calendar Data.

Copy My Data Apk

  •  Extremely Fast

The application running speed is very fast and requires only the Data Switch to transform your new device restoring the old contents from another device.

  • Backup

It provides excellent Data backup facility and gives you the option to copy data from google drive as well as copy from another device as per your choice.Copy My Data Apk

  •  Reliable

The application is extremely reliable and protects your privacy from the prying eyes with its offline mode of data cloning facility.

Note –

It is necessary that you have the application downloaded on both te phones so that you can transfer the data and files from one to another respectively.

How to Download Copy My Data Apk

Copy My Data APK file is available for both Android and IOS software provided you have the minimal set of requirements.

For Android

Copy ,My Data Apk

In order to install this application, you need Android version 10 or above. Visit Google Play store and download Copy My Data application, in case if you can’t find the file, you can download the latest version of Copy My Data APK from here

  1. If you are downloading from the Play Store, you are set to use the app in one go without any further need for installation.
  2. If you are downloading the APK file then, go your mobile browser and download the recent APK file from any official website in Google.                                                                                                                                                        Note :Keep in mind before download, don’t forget to turn on unknown sources option from settings menu to accept files from third party sources.
  3. After downloading, open the APK file, accept the terms and conditions and click on Install to complete a successful installation of the application.
  4. Now you are set to use Copy My Data App in your Android device.

For IOSCopy My Data Apk

In order to install the application in IOS devices, you can get from the App Store directly or click on the above link from your IOS Devices, it will redirect you to the app store containing the application. You can download it for free and enjoy the facilities.

For iPhone and Ipad users, Copy My Data app is supported from iPhone 6 version and above.

For Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP and MAC

Copy My Data application is not only restricted to mobile devices and can be used for Windows PC as well as MAC. But since it is originally an android supported app, you need to have android emulator first.

  1. One of the best android emulators is Bluestack, so go for that and download the APK file for Bluestack. From the above shared link you can get the Download link for both Windows and Mac. 
  2. For Windows users, the file will be downloaded in “.EXE” format which you need to double click, then Install Now and finally on Complete to finish the installation.
  3. The same process, the MAC users too needs to follow only instead of”.EXE” file; the downloaded file will be in .DMG. You need to sign in with your Google account to continue using Bluestack.
  4. Next, tap open your Blue Stack Emulator and search for the Copy My Data application in Google Play store located in system apps folder under My Apps.
  5. Next, you have to follow the same procedure as you do in Google Play Store, accept the terms and conditions.
  6. You can finally click on Install to enjoy the app in your PC, Laptops, and MAC book.

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That’s how you can enjoy the feature of Copy My Data in all platforms and clone your data instantly across devices.

As far as we know, this is the easiest process to copy any kind of data from one phone to another, at least for copying data from an android phone to an IOS phone.





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