Top 6 Must Have Android Apps in 2019 –

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Google Play Store has millions of apps. But only a few apps can make your life easy. It’s not easy to filter out the useful applications from the infinite apps on the Google Play Store. If you are looking for some really good apps which truly useful, this article is for you. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Android apps which everybody can use.

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1.  Shorty

Android Apps in 2019

Shorty is another exciting application which can really help. The home screen of our smartphones is always messy and whenever we need something, we confuse a lot to find out where it is! Shorty helps you to access your favourite applications super quick. Shorty can create a shortcut for almost anything on your Android phone.

Do you need a shortcut for your favourite song? You want the slide presentation to be handy? With Shorty, it is easy to create shortcuts. It is a very new application on the Google Play Store and it has got a 4.7 rating at the moment. It is an app which works on a simple idea. The best thing about Shorty is it allows you to have a custom icon and background colour for the shortcuts you have created. The image preview feature for image shortcuts is quite useful.

2. Tiny Scanner

Android Apps in 2019

Tiny Scanner is a simple scanner app which can scan the documents and save them as PDFs or images. There are numerous scanner applications and what’s the point of a new one? Well, you can do more with Tiny Scanner than just scanning the documents. You can actually name the scanned documents and organize them and share them to Google Drive, DropBox, E-mail, WhatsApp etc.

You can sort the scans by time and date. Adjusting the page edges and page sizes is super easy. You can put a passcode to protect the scanned documents. It has millions of users and the rating is over 4.7 which is magnificent. It costs $5 to unlock the complete features. Tiny Scanner does an outstanding job at outcasting the shadows which are caused by overhead lighting. If you want your scans to look perfect, Tiny Scanner is the best app for you.

3. LastPass Password Manager

Android Apps in 2019

We all know the importance of remembering the password! But we do forget and it wastes a lot of time to reset one. How can one remember the bunch of passwords? LastPass is like a locker where you can store all your login credentials in a secure and safe manner. Without any doubt, LastPass is the best password manager tool out there. It not just about saving your passwords, LastPass generates the difficult passwords and stores them. So, it is not easy for the hackers to hack any of your accounts.

You just need to remember a master password! It works on tablets, computers, mobiles etc. You just need to save your password on one device, LastPass syncs it instantly on all your devices. Your digital life becomes super easy with LastPass. Though there are other password managing options like KeepassDroid, 1Password etc, LastPass is always a step ahead of all of them.

4. Google Drive Suite

Android Apps in 2019

Google Drive has been there for a long time now. It is one of the best cloud storage applications and it works great on Android. You get 15GB of space for free. Google Drive can definitely be considered an efficient cloud storage solution. We can rely on it and store all the important data on the Drive so that we can access it anywhere and anytime we want.

The bunch of Android apps which are associated with Google Drive are wonderful. Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Keep, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google photos. These apps help you do practically anything, right from the note-taking to live collaboration. The best thing about Google office applications is they are compatible with MS-Office documents. Though Microsoft has a similar online suite, Google Drive Suite is fast and easy to grasp.



Android Apps in 2019

Smartphones are the handy cameras and every one of us has got a pile of photos on our smartphones. A good photo editor will surely create magic for our photos. VSCO is a photo editor with some tools and presets for fine-tuning our images. We all love sharing our images on social media.

With VSCO, it is easy to create the most brilliant photos that can be shared on social media directly. The huge section of presets which makes it the best photo editing app out there. You can also refer to their “Journal” section on the app for the inspiration to use presets. Filters help to express your creativity and enhances your photos.

6. Kodi



Kodi is a free open source software developed by the XBMC Foundation. It offers free movies, tv shows, and live sports streaming. Kodi works on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, MacOS and many other platforms. You can also run Kodi on television as well as on Xbox.

The latest version of Kodi called Kodi 18 Leia is now officially released and available to download. there are two many important parts of Kodi known as Kodi Add-ons and Kodi builds.

Kodi Builds help in setting up Kodi by turning it into an ultimate streaming center and Kodi An Add-on is another piece of software that can be added to a program to further expand and enhance the features of that program. For the full details, check out kodi leia builds.

Wrapping up…

We think that these apps are quite useful for everyone out there. There are hundreds of incredible Android apps out there and the every now and then a useful app pops out on the Play Store. We hope that this list has introduced you to at least a couple of useful Android applications. Keep visiting this site as we keep this blog updated with the best Android apps every month.

















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