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Do you ever wonder who put those annoying ads on every webpage you visit? If not, you have at least wished for them to be removed from the very roots so that you can enjoy your content without being bumped up in your face by those ever so silly ads of products that you don’t even need. In this article, we will take you through a brief introduction on Adblock Plus Apk, its feature, and how to download the application.

I mean, come on, who needs a “special” ointment made from some fish’s eggs to get a fairer skin tone? Well, jokes apart, today we are going to learn a straightforward yet effective method, using which, you can get rid of all those particular advertisements just with a snap of your finger. Wooh! Behold that Thanos-spirit within you for we aren’t going to need any infinity gauntlet for that matter.

All we need is a little app called Adblock Plus Apk. It is a tiny yet powerful application that allows you to; you guessed it right, block ads. Let’s now try to understand a few major features of this app, and we’ll also guide you through installing this cupid in your android device. Let’s get startedAdblock Plus Apk Download.

Adblock Plus Apk

Adblock Plus Apk, also known as ABP, is an app that was developed by Eyeo GmbH or Wladimir Palant, which is a software development company that has its very roots from the land of Germany. Apart from being an app, Adblock Plus Apk is also present in the form of a browser extension for your internet browsers, and it supports most, if not all of them.

Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Yandex Browser are the perfect examples of the browsers supported by this Adblock Plus Apk extension.

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of Adblock Plus Apk is to block those annoying unwanted advertisements that show up right on your face while browsing any website or watching any of your favorite videos. The way it works is that it uses EasyList data to filter out the whitelisted and blacklisted ad companies and hence, shows the ads of only the whitelisted companies on the website or video that you are watching. Simple!

Features of Adblock Plus Apk

Now that you have understood the working of the Adblock Plus Apk let’s now go through some of its features that make it so great and helpful:-

Adblock Plus Apk blocks all the ads whatsoever. Let it be those flashy banners, those shocking pop-up windows, those facebook ads or even those skippable ads featured on your favorite youtube videos, Adblock Plus Apk manages to block them all effortlessly.Adblock Premium Download

Adblock Plus Apk can even allow certain ads you wish to see or accept. You would want to accept ads because some companies rely heavily on revenue generated through advertisements.

● With the help of the application, you can easily stop tracking. What in the name of God is Tracking, you may ask. Well, my friend, let me scare you a bit.

There are some websites or Ad agencies who are continuously tracking your every move that you make on the internet. They gather anonymous data from your device, which may or may not be confidential or sensitive.

Worry not pal for Adblock Plus Apk is here for the rescue. After installing the application in your Android device, no such filthy ad agencies would be able to track your movement whatsoever.

● Malware Detection and Protection is also a prominent feature of Adblock Plus Apk. If you feel any stutter or lag in your mobile device, or it is noticeably slower than it used to be sometimes, chances are it has been affected with malware.

Adblock Plus Apk provides a certain level of malware protection that prevents your data or identity from going into unwanted hands and various cyber attacks as well.

● It also disables those social media share buttons that show up now and then on almost every webpage that you visit.AdBlock Premium


Even if you don’t click on those buttons, they tend to send anonymous reports to their respective websites and servers thus causing unwanted nuance and hassle. With Adblock Plus Apk you need not to worry about any of those silly social media buttons anymore.

I am pretty sure that after being aware of all those certain benefits, you can’t wait to get the application in your Android device, right? Well, we won’t make you wait either. Let’s jump right into the process of downloading and installing this wonderful application onto your Android device.

Download Adblock Plus Apk

The Download procedure is rather simple. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll have your copy of Adblock  Apk ready to install in your Android device:-

Adblock Apk Download

● First, visit the link mentioned below in your Android device’s internet browser.

● You shall see an icon or button that reads “Download Adblock Plus Apk.”

● Click on the icon that says “Download.”

● You might receive a warning message from your internet browser stating, “This type of file might harm your device”.

● Just click on “Download anyway” as it is a usual warning that you get when downloading apps from any source other than Google Play Store.

● The Adblock Plus Apk shall start downloading any time now.

Remember, the time taken by the file to be downloaded upon your internet bandwidth (speed). So, be patient and let it do its own thing.

Install The Application

Now that you have downloaded the Adblock Plus Apk successfully let us figure out how to set it up and running on your android device.

● First things first, go to the settings menu of your Android device.

● Search for the option to “Allow app installations from unknown sources.”

● Check the box so that you can install the downloaded app as it is not being installed from the official Google Play Store.

● Now, go to the file manager app that you have installed on your Android device.

● Navigate to the “Downloads” folder

● Search for an Apk file named “Adblock Plus Apk.”

● Make sure you have enabled the “Install from Unknown Sources” Option in the settings menu before proceeding, or else you will receive an error.

● Finally, hit install and keep clicking on “yes” and “allow” for the permissions it asks for.

● Make sure you know what permissions are allowed and that you have downloaded the correct file otherwise it might prove to be some malware stealing sensitive information off your Android device.

● The Adblock Plus Apk will now be successfully installed in your Android device.

● Make sure you are connected to a secure Wifi connection as it won’t work on a mobile network.

● For it to work on a mobile network, your Android device either needs to be rooted, or it shall have a local proxy server.

● In case you wish to run it over your mobile network, make sure to set up a local proxy server beforehand else the Adblock Plus Apk won’t be able to function successfully.

● Sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful, feature-loaded app.

Summing Up:

In the end, I want to say that I would, any day, recommend while this Adblock Plus Apk to anyone who understands the core of the internet, i.e., Freedom.

We might take it lightly, but this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. These Ad Agencies not only protrude the feeling of joy and freedom from the process of internet browsing but also prove to be malicious and dangerous in a way that they send anonymous data without any prior permission or intimation.

I would seriously advise you to install Adblock Plus Apk in your Android device right away to stay safe and secure from all these harmful agencies.

Not to forget that now you can enjoy all the internet services like browsing and surf through your favorite websites without getting irritated by those unwanted ads, pop-ups, and banners all over the place. So, what are you waiting for? Just hop on the bus and download this wonderful app to enter a different universe full of excitement altogether!

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